ALMA is "Where Missions Meet"

The Association of Lutheran Mission Agencies is

a professional service organization linking and equipping leaders of Lutheran mission agencies, congregations, and individuals for sharing and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ALMA 2021 Virtual Conference
"1 Day...1 Mission"

        A hybrid ALMA conference is scheduled for April 15th, 2021. This will include a two-hour live session for ALMA members with special content dealing directly for leadership of mission agencies. 
        The second part of the conference will include sessions focused on "justice," "persecution," and "the role of the Spirit" mission. These sessions will be recorded and usable at any time for Bible classes, college mission clubs, circuit winkels, and so on. Please see below for more information.

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What does ALMA do?

ALMA connects mission agencies, congregations, and individuals to one another for support and shared learning. This is done most notably through the annual conference and by digital means throughout the year. ALMA promotes mission opportunities available through its members to the greater Christian community through its website, social media, and personal referrals. ALMA promotes mission collaboration and is constantly looking for new ways to serve its members!

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Mission leaders of all kinds can become part of ALMA!  Whether you are leading a mission agency, serving as a missionary, leading a mission effort in a congregation or an individual Christian interested in missions, ALMA has resources for you!

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