Lensa Gudina, Cofounder of Gudina Tumsa Foundation

“How Persecution Helped Create the World’s Largest Lutheran Church” - Lensa Gudina, daughter of the founders of the Makane Yesus Church, will tell the story of her parents who were tortured, imprisoned and martyred for their faith by the communist government of Ethiopia. This amazing story will demonstrate how God used this time of persecution to help establish His church, Makane Yesus, the largest Lutheran church body in the world today! It will also help us explore what it means to bear the cross of Christ in our world today.

Dr. John Nunes, President of Concordia College New York

"Facing the Crisis": The epidemiological, the economic, and the equity dimensions of the pandemic and how the cross of Jesus Christ and our tradition is perfectly suited and fitted for people of faith to face the crisis

 Dr. Leo Sanchez, Director of the Hispanic Institute at Concordia Seminary St Louis 

“The Holy Spirit and God’s Mission” – In this session, Dr. Sanchez will unpack what scripture tells us about the role of the Holy Spirit in empowering and guiding God’s people to fulfill the Great Commission.

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